Monday, June 22, 2009

Hiking Trip to Sylan

This past weekend, Kim and I decided to get out of Trondheim in search of some adventure and some sun. While we found the former, the later was harder to come by. We decided to get a car through our car co-operative and head over to a beautiful area called Sylan which is right on the Swedish boarder. The area is characterized by large rolling alpine mountains with low-lying vegetation in tundra type wetlands. What I'm realizing here is that Norway is essentially one very very large wetland... and if it rains things happen liking losing your boots or bike in mudpits. :)
We ended up driving into the Sylan area, parking, and then doing a hike into a Trondhjems Touristforening cabin called 'Ramsjøhytta'. Norway is filled with a dense network of cabins that you can hike to in the summer or ski to in the winter. It is really something else. You can literally hike around in the summer with virtually nothing on your back and end up sleeping in a bed, having a good meal, and drying all your clothes by the stove. Some are even full service with full meals being prepared and yes, showers. The cabin we went to was 26 person self-sevice cabin with a full kitchen and stocked food that you could buy on a per item basis.

River crossing on the start of the hike to the cabin.

High water in the river

While we had rain on Saturday, Sunday got continually better weather. So, we decided to hike up the highest peak in the immediate area (Fongen at 1441m). Unfortunately, the clouds would cover the peak and obstruct any view that we might have had.

Close to the top, we decided to take in what we had accomplished and make our way back to the cabin and then back to the car.
Going back to the cabin on the end of the lake.

Small private cabins with Ramsjøhytta in the background.

Ramsjøer Lake


Fongen Mountain almost out of the clouds once we were leaving! :(

Hiking the way back

Sylan was a highly recommended place for us to go and it did not disappoint. While the trails were very wet and muddy, with a bit of sun and no rain, I'm sure it would dry up considerably. Just another amazing place in this gorgeous Country Kim and I presently call Home. :)


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