Saturday, July 04, 2009

Back From The Baltic... To Loften Land

I've been away much more than home in the past couple weeks and am just heading out now for a 1000+ km bike tour in the Lofoten Islands here in the Norway. Last week, Kim and I did a Baltic Sea tour by flying to Riga, Latvia, taking the bus up to Tallinn, Estonia, taking the ferry over to Helsinki, Finland, another ferry over to Stockholm, Sweden, and then a short flight back to Trondheim. It was nothing short of an amazing trip and now we are in for another one. Will post up picks as soon as I get back. Promise :)


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Mike Sanborn said...

Hey Todd,
Sounds like you guys are really enjoying life over there. Andrea and I will lookk forward to seeing some more photos. Split Disc is this weekend (so unfortunately you'll miss that) then in less than 2 weeks I'm off to Ontario followed by Nanisivik. Talk to you soon.