Monday, June 22, 2009

No Sun + Rain + Wetlands = Mudpits

To say I've been riding through mudpits a lot lately would be an understatement. While I have yet to have a complete mud faceplant, I've gone over the bars a number of times; mind you at slow speeds due to the amount of mud robbing any speed that you could generate. Most mud pits are not that deep and are still rideable. Occassionaly though, you hit that mudpit that devours your ride.
Here, I rode into this unassuming mudpit and stopped midway through. I literally got off my bike and Mr. RIP9 decided to not go anywhere.

Uh... yeah...

Ok, we have had some sun and the weather is starting to take a sharp turn for the better. Looks like we might finally have some full on nice weather for the next while. My RIP9 taking in the view.


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