Friday, June 19, 2009

Hitra Island Trip

The last weekend, Kim and I rented a car to drive over to Hitra Island and do a bit of exploring. When I say we rented I car, what we really did was become part of a car cooperative so that we have access to a vehicle when we need it (without the worries or hicups of owning your own car). For us, it makes perfect sense as we are on foot or on our bikes almost all the time and only ever really 'need' a car if we want to get out of Trondheim to areas not serviced by bus or train. Actually, it is still cheaper to take the car, so we'll probably do that still unless we want to do a bike trip and take the train home. So far, the cooperative has worked out very well and is quite affordable.

Hitra Island is located out of the fjord to the west of Trondheim. The island is very coastal comprised of many surrounding smaller islands, big chunky rocks, lots of wetlands, small but steep mountains, and many small communities that are closely attached to the sea by fishing.

Small and quaint inlet

Coastal hike

A very nice coastal hike

Cairn Garden

Continuing along the coast

We did another hike up a mountain calling Tonningen and on the way had some nice views of the distance fjord mountains and some pristine blue lakes.

The way up Tonningen was quite steep up since the rocks that made up the mountain were like large rectangular polygonal lego pieces. We ended up getting cliffed out at times but managed to do some bouldering and succeeded in making the summit.

We had some really nice but cool weather and as we thought, there was a trail that would take us down another route and to where we started.

Tonningen Mountain

We ended up camping for one night and then heading back the next day. It was a short but fun trip. A great way to spend the weekend out of Trondheim.


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