Friday, June 19, 2009

Rain, Clouds, Wind and My Big Toe

In the past two weeks or so, the weather has unfortunately been less than par. We have had some rain and lots and lots of cloudy cold windy days. The summer is just not coming. Everyone who lives here assures us that this is not normal. Regardless, I can't wait for some nice weather again (especially with the gorgeous weather that the west coast of BC has been getting!).

Despite the weather, I've still managed to get in a good amount of biking although it is not always easy to make my way out the door. This week, I've also managed to get in two short runs. What I have neglected to say in the past few months is that I have still been recovering from a big toe injury that happended way back in December in the Stewart Mountain XC race. After having some good manipulation physio done, things started to feel better but I could tell that it still needed some good time to heal. I may have waited a bit longer than I needed but all I knew was that I had tried to run a couple of times since I have been here in Trondheim and both times I had toe pain following the run. However, this week was to see no pain after the runs and everything felt good (expect that my legs were wondering why they weren't spinning in their regular circle on top of a bicycle).

Despite taking my first run on the slow and short side, I definitely felt the effects for a good two days afterwards. Should be less so after this last run. Maybe I'll actually get to do some orienteering while I'm over here!

Kim's also been having some injury troubles with an inflammed achilles which she is now seeing a physio for. Unfortunately, it has cut into what we have been able to do a bit (for bike rides and tours) but on the otherhand, the weather hasn't cooperated much either. Hopefully she'll be in good shape in a couple of weeks when we want to do a bike trip around the Lofoten Islands (one of the absolute highlights in Norway). More on this soon...


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