Sunday, October 18, 2009

Back from the South - France and Spain

Well, I've been gone away from Norway for a wedding, some fun and also, to get out of Norway and get some actual sunshine before the winter starts to fully come. The main reason for the whole visit was to attend Kim's sisters wedding but we also used the opportunity to spend some extra time exploring Provence and the south of France, along with the castle city of Carcassonne, and in and around Barcelona, Spain. It was three weeks of great fun and we absolutely fantastic weather EVERY SINGLE DAY!

We had three weeks of 25 plus degree weather which made me realize even more about how little sun on the skin you get living in the North. While Norway is such a beautiful Country, the weather, especially in the summer, really stinks. There are some nice days but they usually seem to be interspersed with cloudy and rainy ones. To be fair, we did have some really nice weather for a short time in July but since then... nada.

So, Kim and I definitely feel like we now had summer and this has made the 4 degree weather with snow at elevation a little easier to cope with. It is pretty crazy how one week you can be biking in shorts and a short sleeve shirt (in Barcelona) and the next, your cycling in tights, thick socks, a wool long sleeve, jersey, jacket, gloves and yes, a balaclava (today in Trondheim). The joys of modern times.

Still have tons of Photos to get through so instead of loaded everything all in one go, I'll give you snippets of the best of the best of the trip.


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