Monday, October 26, 2009

More Gaudi in Barcelona

One of the coolest things about Barcelona - along with the great atmosphere, warm weather and landscape - was the amazing architecture. In my last post I showed Gaudi's greatest work; La Sagrada Familia. However, he did many many more works in Barcelona and here are some highlights.

Detail of La Pedrera - It is, yes, an apartment building!

The impressive Casa Batllo

Park Guell - The main entrance
One of the most visited places in Barcelona.

One of the many walkways winding up underneath the elaborate road supports.

Road on top with two walkways below. Pretty Nuts.

Underneath the double walkway

While the architecture in this park was again amazing, overall it did fall a bit flat for me since, for me, a park should emphasize the natural flora of the landscape and should be a pleasant place to stroll through. Thus, my vision of a park doesn't include a road that winds up to a house and that the road is a prominent part of the park. Still, quite impressive nonetheless.

Looking out from the main entrance of Park Guell

From the top of Park Guell
The giant glass penis (called by the locals) and the Sagrada Familia under construction

If you ever get the chance to visit Barcelona - DO!
If you are heading to Europe, it is a city not to be missed.


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