Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cabin Trip in Dovrefjell National Park

Last weekend, Kim and I rented a car once again and headed south with our friends Matthieu and Marion to the National Park of Dovrefjell. This park is primarily alpine with soft rolling mountains reaching up to 2200 meters and is inhabited by Muscox. While we unfortunately didn't see any Muscox, we did enjoy the sights and sounds of a landscape preparing for season of snow.
We headed up on Saturday and planned a 2 day loop trip with a short first day to a cabin (one of thousands that make up the cabin network here in Norway). We had a relaxing hike in and had a nice evening chilling out with some card games and good food. The next day, we did a much longer route that would take us up into the alpine and down a different valley back to our car. Everything went smooth and here are some good shots to give you an idea of the trip. Enjoy!
Old village still used for farming today. This was the location of our hytta (cabin).

The beautiful valley that we hiked up

Nice trail through the trees

On a stroll from the cabin and taking a break

The next day, hiking out of the valley; old village and cabin below.

The hike started with 500 meters straight up to get up to the alpine plateaus

Into the alpine

Despite bad weather surrounding us, we lucked out with some cloudy blue skies.

Marion, Matthieu, Kim and Myself

The moonscape landscape is barren yet beautiful at the same time

Some light rain gave us yet another rainbow

Despite having no trees or shrubs, the landscape is quite colourfull from all the low-lying alpine plants turning as the fall and winter approaches.

Starting to head down another valley

Very old farm houses made of stone, some wood and sod roofs (as is normal here in Norway)

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