Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Craziest Church On Planet Earth - La Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia is just like no other church on Earth. Designed by the architectural genious Antoni Gaudi and considered his greatest masterpiece, it does not take one long to consider why. Under construction since 1883, and with a completion date around 2020, it has been a monumental undertaking. The construction is intricate with most concrete pieces being made from custom fiberglass molds. I'm not religious but I generally find churches to be very interesting and this one in particular takes the cake as the best for me. The gothic style and extreme intricate details in the design are bar none. I also love how Gaudi used patterns from nature and incorporated these concepts into his designs.
The Nativity Façade. The first and most intricate of all the entrances.

You can stare at this wall for a long time and still spot horses, reptiles, birds, etc that you didn't see at first. Very cool.

Columns designed after the trunks of Plane trees supporting the 'tree canopy'-like roof.

Spiral staircase in one of the Nativity towers.

Another view of the inner tree like columns.

More modern Passion Façade which mirrors the Nativity Façade with four large towers.

The even crazier thing about this church is that what people think of the church only vaguely match what it will look like form the outside. Still to be completed are the even larger inner towers (the Mary and Christ Tower) which will litterly tower over all the others. Definitely a must see if you have any interest in architecture at its best (or if your into God and stuff).