Saturday, September 12, 2009

Trondheim Countryside Road Ride

The other week, Kim and I decided to get out for a longish road ride on our commuter bikes to some areas around Trondheim that we had not yet visited. We set out with an informal plan and ended up going around some mountains, scenic lakes and road on some very quiet country roads. The weather was scattered but we ended up escaping the rain and even had some very warm sunny moments. With the daylight getting shorter everyday, the temperatures are also going down accordingly so any warm weather is currently being cherished by us! In the end, we more or less stuck to our intended route and clocked about 120km which was great.

Kim with one of many many rainbows we've seen in the past few weeks

Taking a short break on the shores of Andoya Lake

Kim making some friends!

Along the way we stopped and watched a sheep herding competition which was part of a Norwegien Cup Series. It was pretty impressive to see the level of control the owners had with their Border Collies! The owner stood on a platform up to about 800m away and instructed the dog to herd the sheep through a series of gates and finally to a ring where the owner would have to spit the sheep in two and put them in a fenced enclosure. Never seem anything like this before!
We had a great ride through the countryside and it reinforced to us once again just how nice this Country is just on the outskirts of any town or City.

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