Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Staying On Board the Des Groseilliers - Canada's Ice Breaker

My trip to Nanasivik included being welcomed and staying on board the Des Groseilliers Coast Guard vessel. It was quite the ship and included a very nice group of French people who treated us well. Apparently, few people ever get to stay on board the vessel so we all considered ourselves to be priviledged and honoured to be guests.

Looking down the dock

The bridge from the bow.

One of two barges that we got to work off of for some sediment sampling.

Our stay included a full tour of the ship from the top down. The engine room was huge with four locamotive style diesel engines. This ship had lots and lots of power!

A rescue helicopter under a retractable roof

Enjoying the views.

Sediment Sampling off the barge.

A zodiac ride to look for some background samples.

Taking a break in the rain.

Yes, the ship had a bar that was open every night. And a 1.25 a beer, how can you go wrong!!! Great times were spent down there usually followed by a group session of Rock Band!

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