Wednesday, August 27, 2008

On My Way to Nanasivik - The High Arctic Via Iqaluit

It has been a month now since I have been back to Victoria and man does it feel good to be home. While I enjoyed Penticton, the Arctic and a week trip up to Strathcona Park, I feel like I need some serious home time to rejuvenate the mind. I have many stories from my journeys but also have many many great photos that should really speak for themselves.
The arctic is an amazing place. This was taken flying up to Iqaluit via Ottawa.

While in Iqaluit, I stopped by to see an old friend, Aaron Watson, from my hometown that I haven't seen in years. He moved up to Nunavut years ago, fell in love with Marlene and the landscape, and hasn't looked back. He now has two cute children.

This is Owen.

Ituvik is his oldest and she is a pretty sweet girl.

Colourful homes dot the landscape.

There are usually no icebergs that come in Frobisher Bay but this year was an exception.

These old buildings were once used as Hudson Bay Trading Posts back in the day.

More Icebergs and the sun starting to set.

In August, the sun does go down although there was only a couple hours of true darkness.

A nice sunset on the beach.

Iqaluit on the way out.
Saying goodbye until next time.


Gary Robbins said...

WOW, looks like an amazing trip Todd. Definitely one of the perks of your job!

Aaron W said...

Thanks for the nice comments! I had no idea you blogged the visit until I googled myself!!!! HAHA! Glad you had a great trip!