Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Nanasivik - Enter the Arctic

Again, I'm not going to add much to these photos as they primarily speak for themselves. If you like colourful natural landscapes and interesting geology, this is the place to be.

Rock, Grass, Ocean, Fiords, Mountains and Sky
A Lone Iceberg

The one and only road: Arctic Bay to Nanasivik

Iron rich soils



Stratified Shale

Barren and Beautiful

I tought the Prairies had nice Skies! Wow!

Mount Fuji. While there aren't any huge peaks up in Nansivik, they were still very impressive.

So colourful yet barren.

Life trying to make it in the harsh climate.

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Aaron Watson said...

These pics were excellent. What a landscape northern baffin has. Iron Rich Soil and Breathless were my favourites. You captured the colours and the immensity of the landscape well, which is hard to do in barren land arctic photography. For one thing, its overcast a lot of the time, and hard to get good natural lighting, and two often pictures have a two dimensional quality, due to the lack of trees or buildings in landscape photos diminishing the perspective of mountains, hills, fiords, valleys and ravines. I really enjoyed these.