Sunday, January 06, 2008

Party Time!

Whew! It's been awhile since I last gave an update as I've been too busy having fun over the holidays, new years and into 2008. Here's some updates.

Kim and I held a Christmas party just before the actual 'Christmas' and had a number of friends and co-workers over to celebrate. Lots of good food went around and we had tons of fun playing recycled secret santa, charades, and the infamous 'box' game. I'm not sure what the last game is officially called but here's how it works. There's a present that's wrapped in several boxes and wrapping paper. Everyone gets in a big circle and a pair of dice is rolled in a clockwise direction around the group (we used large foam block dice). Whoever rolls a double gets to put on a santa hat, put on some oven mitts, and try to hack, stab, and unwrap their way into the present using only prescribed tools; we used a bike pedal wrench and some flip-grip pliers although some other favourites are barbaque utensils or a pizza cutter. Basically, the cruder the tools the better and the person cannot use their hands in any other way (ie: they can't hold the box with one hand). While the person is hacking away, the dice are continually rolled by the group and the next person to get doubles gets to take over. Sometimes you get to really work at the present while othertimes a double is rolled very soon after and you lose your turn before you even start. It's a pretty fun game and brings a lot of energy to the group. The person who gets at the gift first gets to keep it.

Mike Sanborn - Winner of the 'box' game

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GR said...

I'm guessing there are very limited items that you can actually use as the gift in this box maybe no flower vases, no electronics, and definitely NO ANIMALS!!
Looks like fun though!