Friday, December 21, 2007


Canada's premiere wilderness expedition adventure race, Raid the North Extreme, arrives in an unusually urban location this January - your television set!

The one-hour High-Definition feature broadcast will air on Global TV across Canada on Saturday, January 12 at 9 p.m!!!

This six-day, non-stop, 500+km expedition race features coed teams of four from around the globe facing the challenges of nature, team dynamics, sleep deprivation, and gear failures as they bike, trek, paddle, portage and navigate the wilderness around BC's North Coast - Prince Rupert and Haida Gwaii. Nearly thirty teams of four from across North America, and from as far as Singapore, Australia and New Zealand, blew away their physical and emotional limits during Raid the North Extreme.
As Gary Robbins of Squamish-based Team Helly Hansen/MOMAR said after the race, "Raid The North Extreme is a genuine expedition style race and they practice exactly what they preach: Real Wilderness, Real Navigation, Real Freakin' Tough...OK I made that one up, Real Adventure".

Canada's top adventure race organizers, Frontier Adventure Racing, in partnership with ATV Productions of Vancouver, had a vision to take adventure racing to new heights on Canadian television. Using boat, ferry, helicopter and aircraft support, along with caffeine and bug nets, film crews captured the action, the drama and the emotions as teams traversed the incredibly rugged northern BC terrain.

This broadcast is a first in Canada. Never before has the mystique, intensity and human drama of this incredible sport reached Canadian homes on a national network in prime time. Following the Canadian broadcast, the show will air in the US on PBS, will be seen on menTV and the Extreme Channel, and will be available for purchase on DVD and on iTunes.
Here's your opportunity to share your passion for adventure racing. It'll be a cold dark night in January - what better time for friends, food, drinks and some great adventure on TV?
It's surprisingly easy to organize a full-on pub night screening. Call up a few sports pubs with good AV equipment (a big screen, or tv's throughout the place), and ask what they can offer if you can bring 30-40 people there to watch a sporting event. Most will offer up free apps and a drink per person at the very least. Make a call to your local sports/outdoor store and offer a partnership for some prizes - they'll promote the event for you, too. Send out invites to everyone you know, post the event on Facebook or evite - then just show up and have the pub turn on Global that night. Parties at home are just as good, but more work. Or if you have money to burn, rent a hall or auditorium and make an event of it!
We'll help you make it happen. Just let us know about your party plan, and we'll send you tips, a poster, and an "RTNX Party Package" with prizing and an RTNX 2007 Buff.
Let's get all of Canada watching Adventure Racing on TV, and create a new wave of excitement about AR for 2008!

Check out the RTNX Facebook group for news about parties near you.


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