Sunday, January 06, 2008

Forbidden Snowshoeing

Holy Shhhhhhheeeeeettttttt!!!!! Look at that snow!!!!

I haven't experienced snow like this in a long time. With over three meters of white stuff and with more than one meter dumped in the last three days, it was hard not to be steller conditions.

Kim and I had a 'plan' for the weekend which was basically to go up island and find snow. We weren't disappointed. After the road up to Mount Washington was closed due to too much snow, yes, that's right, way too much snow, we headed up to the Forbidden Plateau which is an old ski hill that has been shut down for years. With snoeshoes on, we headed out on both Saturday and Sunday for some hard work and great fun. I now completley understand how dangerous tree wells can be (as heard in the recent story about the skier who died in Revelstoke). We not only fell in some (only up to our chest) but found some that were easily three meters deep! Go in the wrong way with no one to help you out can prove to be deadly. So, get out but go with someone.

Look at the snow cover!!! There's a two meter snowsicle on top of that one tree!

It's been dumping heaps of powder all over the place so if you haven't been out yet, do not hesitate and get out there! Check out Gary's blog for some great videos of some backcountry ski touring he's been doing.


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