Thursday, November 01, 2007

Gear Review - Princeton Tec Yukon Bike Light

Product Features and Impressions:
My first impression of this light was good as the lighting seemed fair and I liked the ability to switch from Xenon to LED lighting. After I installed the light though, I was a concerned with the handlebar mount and the inability to adequately adjust the light bezel.

My main issue with this light was the bezel mount and lack of adjustment. Instead of being infinitely adjustable, the bezel only adjusted in large, set increments. As I have a map holder and other items on my handlebars, the light mount had to be installed offset; because of this, I could not set the light to look straight ahead. The beam was either to far to the left or right of centre. Also, the up and down angle was limited and could not be easily adjusted. For the bezel mount, it would be easier if it installed with a quick release.

Overall Impression:
This is a adequate backup bike light which works ok for long climbs but is not bright enough to be comfortable taking on speed in a downhill section. While burn time is decent, the beam is too narrow to see immediate trail features and the bezel movement is too limited.

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