Thursday, November 01, 2007

Gear Review - Helly Hansen Lifa Base

Product Features and Impressions:
I have been using the Lifa Base layers for a couple of years now and can't say enough for this awesome product. I am a big guy and typically sweat a lot in the heat. These tops allow me to stay drier by keeping the sun off my skin and wick away sweat. I find they work so well that I feel drier and more comfortable compared to any short sleeve top or even wearing nothing at all. I still have people ask me that I must be really hot with a long sleeve on as they sweat in their heavy short sleeve polyester tops. For durability, I use these tops anywhere from a daily commute to full on orienteering and see very little wear. Other than some bike crash scuffs, my tops look virtually new.

Like all synthetics, the fabric can get pulls.

Overall Impression:
The Lifa base layer is the best top I have every used. Period. It keeps me drier than anything else, keeps the sun off my upper body, is very light and durable, and fits like a glove. Why would I use anything else?

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