Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Paddle to D'Arcy Island

Last Sunday, Kim and I decided that it was time to get out for a nice relaxing paddle. We stayed up pretty late the night before and slept in so we were both eager to get out of the house and into the gorgeous day that was unfolding. It was still a little cool out but the sky was blue with some wispy clouds. We packed the boats and headed down to our put-in on Cordova Bay.

The water was glass.

We would do a small 7km paddle out to D'Arcy Island, relax and explore, and paddle back. It was such a relaxing paddle with tons of diving ducks, harlequins and bald eagles to be heard and seen.
D'Arcy Island is part of the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve and has seven campsites with limited facilities. It was once a leper colony from 1894 to 1924 and the remains of buildings and farming areas can still be seen. It is a pretty neat little island with beautiful coves, large Arbutus stands, and lots of wildlife. There is a little trail that runs most of the islands circumference and allows for a nice run or stroll. While the west side is mostly bedrock, the island does offer some gravel and smooth cobble beaches with lots of weathered driftwood.

The only other people at the island were a couple on their pleasure craft anchored in a bay leisurely reading on their deck. It was a nice day.


garobbins said...

Looks like an awesome day on the water!!

DARTvg said...

nice pics Todd!