Wednesday, May 17, 2006

MOMAR Ucluelet

What an awesome race. The weather was perfect, the water was glass, and hey, how can you complain when everything turns out well. Tash and I were doing this race solely for fun. We rented our kayak late and ended up with a Libra XT which has a huge beam. Nicknamed the Starship Enterprise, we paddled her into the ocean.
The race started with a kayak start and everyone lined up for the start. A bit of bumper boats unsued, however, shortly after boats started to separate and form into groups.

Suprisingly, we kept a good clip on the Starship and managed to come in with the first five or six boats which we both thought was pretty good considering our situation.
Continuing on bike and foot, we kept climbing ahead of others and started to realize that, hey, we're doing pretty good here. The last leg of the race was about 12km of running along the Ucluelet shoreline. It was here, at the second checkpoint in the run, that we found that we were in first position. We had some competition right on our heals but managed to out navigate them from the checkpoint and ran the rest of the leg flawlessly.
After a ocean swim crossing which was incredibly cold, we crossed the finish line as the first coed team to ever win a MOMAR. Exstatic but cold, we headed back to our hostel for a long hot shower followed by a nice cold local brew. The end of a perfect day.

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