Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Hornby Island 2006 - Victoria Day Long Weekend

This past weekend, Kim and I headed up to Hornby Island to spend the weekend in our kayaks and on our mountain bikes. We haven't been out too much in the past while as rowing practice for the corporate challenge has been eating into our time. This has left Kim's brand new Specialized bike fairly unused so we had to get some dirt on it. We decided to leave on the Saturday instead of Friday after work to avoid the rush of traffic and packing. This turned out very well and was the start of a stress free relaxing weekend camping. Camping? Well that's what I told Kim anyway. With the high cost of camping, and with no showers available, I booked us into a cabin on Ford's Cove looking out toward Denman Island. Kim had no idea. I even brought my latern and stove to make it look like camping it was going to be. It was somewhat of a late birthday present as the weekend before (on her birthday) I was too involved in the MOMAR race and wasn't able to spend very much time together.

Needless to say, it was a very good choice. We had beautiful weather until Sunday night and were able to do two mountain bike rides and a short kayak trip. We were planning on doing a long trip around the entire island but when we rounded the south tip and headed east, the ocean was swelling hard with big peaks and long periods. Some waves I even lost sight of Kim! So, we turned around and cut our paddle short which, looking back on it, was the right thing to do.

Sunday night we went to the local community hall to watch a showing of "Thank you for Smoking" which was really good. The hall is all made out of trees and various other natural materials. If there is a place in BC that is working toward sustainability, it can be found here on Hornby Island. Definitely a special place.

Sorry. No picutres for this one.

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