Thursday, March 27, 2008

Dart/NUUN and Dart/NUUN - NW Kayaks Win Baja Travesia

Congratulations to the two Dart/NUUN teams who just won the 2008 Baja Travesia expedition race that takes racers from San Felipe to Ensenada Mexico.
Check out the race coverage here.

After a lead by Dart/NUUN - NW Kayaks, Dart/NUUN made a strong surge to catch them on the final trekking section. As both teams were sleep deprived and tired, they decided to work together and finish the race united. Due to strong winds and weather, the final paddle once again turned sour with both teams being pummeled in the surf as they were trying to exit for the final stage of the race in their sit-on top kayaks. Turning back, the race directors decided to cut the final paddle out and turn the last stage into a beach run which both Dart teams were more than happy to do rather than face the waves again. A couple of hours on the beach and they could finially relax at the finish line.

Looks like third place is still up for grabs though with Lina Augaitis of Yoga Slackers currently looking at clinching this spot. Good luck Lina and keep pushing!!!


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