Sunday, March 30, 2008

AWESOME Training Weekend

I had such an awesome training weekend. Here's how it broke down:

Standing: 6 hours
Shopping: 4 hours
Walking: 20 minutes
Running: 0 hours
Biking: 0 hours
Kayaking: 0 hours
Watching the 1999 Eco-challenge Argentina: 4 hours
Dreaming of big expedition races: 3 hours
Meet Director for an orienteering event: 8 hours

Ok, so maybe I did jack all. I was actually planning on getting in a long run on Saturday and Sunday but last Wednesday, after a hilly interval session on Tuesday, my soleus had flared up for some reason. I ran into work on Wednesday, hit up the gym at lunch, and then in the afternoon, my left upper calf (I believe it is the soleus) was pretty swelled and not feeling too great. I have no idea how it became inflamed. It was like a wound that you get after a mountain bike ride and you think, 'now how the hell did I get that?' At the time it's nothing but after, the little tweak that happened starts to hurt. Anyway, it wasn't too bad so I took a nice 20 km run home. The next morning, my calf was even worse. The problem was, I had planned on another running commute that would put another 30km on it. While I should have listened to my calf,

'come on Todd, leave me alone, don't you love me?',

I decided to stick to my original plan. My calf wasn't too happy. The run to work was ok, but coming back was just barable. It was one of those times where you know you just made the wrong decision. I usually really listen to my body well but this time I didn't, and I paid the price by being set back further in the end.

So, other than a commute on my bike on Friday, I took the last two days off to let my calf heel and will start running again tomorrow. I probably could have gone out today but with the orienteering event taking up much of my time, and frankly not being very motivated, I decided to not go out by not making a decision.

My calf feels fine now and it was just one of those times where I did something that my body didn't like, it hurt for a bit, and now it's fine. Funny how these things happen.


Oh, and a big congrats to Lina Augaitis on taking 3rd place down at the Baja Travesia! Nice work!

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