Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tofino Time!

It's hard not to have a good time in Tofino. While the drive up from Victoria takes a good 4 1/2 hours, it's definitely worth it. Soon, you find yourself on 'Tofino Time' where things just go a little slower and there's no rush to do anything. While we were anxious to get out for some surfing in the early morning, we all found ourselves sleeping in a bit, walking the beach to check out the conditions, and then go surfing... after a good breakfast of course!

While the conditions were not very favourable for surfing, it was still nice to float around in the ocean in warm and bouyant neoprene hugging your skin. Neoprene is never very fun to put on and take off but when you have a hot tub.... it makes it all worthwhile.

A couple taking a stroll on Longbeach

Myself, Kim, Andrea and Mike on Longbeach
It was a very relaxing weekend made up of a bit of surfing, some hot tub soaks, some good food, and lots of European sytle board games including Carcassonne, Puerto Rico, and the now infamous 'Power Grid'! (a game based on market trading and buying of power plants and resources). Oh yeah, I just turned 30 as well!!! That being said, I never thought 30 was old nor did I think that I would be 'over the hill'. In fact, I'm in the best shape of my life and still have people in their 40s keeping up with me! I want to be one of those dudes when I'm 45!

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