Sunday, November 08, 2009

Vermont Death Race

I was stumbling in the internet today and just happened to get directed to a race site called the 'Death Race'. No, this is not the ultra running event held in the Rockies in Canada, this race is quite different. With a website address of, it's a little overexaggerated but crazy nonetheless. This race has you crawling up barbed-wire ditches with a bunch of gear, finding a tree stump with your bib number on it, cutting down the stump, and dragging it down the ditch with you to the start/finish area.

Now, that's just the start.

The rest of the course has you carrying the stump you cut a bucket and wheel and chainless bike to do such tasks as carrying a pail of rocks 2000 feet up a mountain, fetching a match and egg by walking down a river and then going back to light a fire, boil your egg and eat it. Other tasks are mental such as memorizing the names of the first 10 presidents and if you're wrong, you have to hike back up 1000 feet to memorize the answer again. Another similar task has you study a block of lego made up of 20 or so pieces. Then, you have to hike back down, and build the same block with pieces you are giving in a bag. And, yes, you guessed it, if you're wrong, it's back up 1000 feet.

And for the bike, the competitors eventually got to a checkpoint where there wheels and chain were, got to assemble it, ride it around a five minute loop, and that was it for biking.

I don't think I'd want to do anything quite like this but for those crazy enough, it may be your calling. I'd highly recommend going to the website and just watching the 'Surviving the Death Race' video. Also, I read a great race recap by Mike Sallade which I'd also recommend giving a read.


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mrC said...

that's awesome! i should make up something like that for my class ... albeit a little less extreme =D