Monday, August 03, 2009

Body Odour: How to control it WITHOUT deodorants OR anti-perspirants


I used to think so.

Being an already sweaty person that usually performs at least one form of physical exercise everyday is a recipe that used to kill me in the body odour department. No matter how many showers I took or what type of deodorant I tried, nothing seemed to work.

I tried the whole spectrum of deodorant options: wet roll-on, powder white stick, spray-on, and the some of the extreme liquid gel which contain super micro body odour destroying particles. I don't like the strong scents provided in some deodorants but was willing to try everything. The verdict? The strong scents seemed to work for a few minutes, but in a short time, my the body odour would overcome any deodorant that I threw at it.

I also tried many kinds of anti-perspirants despite the fact that they contain potentially harmful compounds like aluminum chlorohydrate and aluminum zirconium on top of the fact that they supposedly make you stop sweating. This protective layer just seemed to make me want to sweat more and gave me streaks of white anti-perspirant laden sweat running down my arms and body. I still perspired and body odour was still there.

It seemed like whatever I would put under my arms would actually make me sweat more and would never work. For awhile even the best method I found was not putting anything on at all and simply changing shirts frequently (yes, I would actually bring an extra shirt with me!).

This all changed when I tried out a product that has been used for centuries in different areas of the world. It is the cheapest body odour product that you can buy for the use and is very, very effective.

The solution I found is in a product made by Crystal; a simply mineral salt stick.

A salt stick to get rid of my never ending woes of body odour? Yes, I was skeptical at first but after over three years of constant use, I can tell you first hand that a salt crystal is simply the best body odour product that you can use, period.

So, how does a salt crystal do the job that no other extreme, high-tech, hyped-up product can do? It's simple; eliminate the bacteria. Make an environment in your armpit that bacteria don't like and they won't flourish.

It is simple really. Since underarm body odour is caused by the combination of both bacteria and sweat, if you eliminate one of them, then your problem is solved. We've already seen that if you try to control or eliminate sweat, it is simply a losing battle. Deodorants and anti-perspirants are like the United States War on Drugs; you can try to mask the problem or try to shut down imports but regardless of what you do, people still sweat.

While the Crystal product is actually labelled as a deodorant stick, it technically doesn't deodorize anything. From the Crystal website,

"we believe our products are actually un-odorants, preventing odor, rather than deodorants which just cover it up."

While there are other companies that produce a similar mineral salt stick, this is simply the one that has been made available to me. Crystal makes several different models such as the solid rock salt, a roll-on, and a spray on in un-scented and scented formats. All of the products simply use mineral salts as their base; either as a rock or dissolved in water. The best bang-for-the-buck is easily the solid rock salt (as shown in the photo above). I've tried the roll-on, which works well, but it only lasts for several months. Even with mulitple use everyday, I think you could easily get five years out of the rock salt which makes it the most economical body odour product out there.

This product just simply works. I put it on everytime after I have a shower or bath whether it be in the morning or evening. This keeps a constant layer of protection that is never irritating and allows me to sweat freely when doing exercise. In fact, I never really know it's even there except for the fact that even after exercise, my armpits do NOT smell! This is quite the feeling after years of having issues and embarassing moments due to body odour.

So, if you suffer from underarm body odour or simply want to get away from anti-perspirants or the masking properties of deodorant products out there, you should seriously consider going for the salt stick. In fact, don't consider it, just do it!


If anyone else out there disagrees with me or has had a similar experience, give me some feedback in the comments.


Brent said...

Hey Todd,

Been using the crystal for years. I had a mild allergy to the aluminum in most deodorants which led to the switch but I've never looked back.

Love the stuff. The only thing I hate is I will usually drop it and break chunks off it long before the stuff ever runs out.


Anonymous said...

Glad u use it cause you're real smelly w/o it!!