Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Italy Trip Into a Four Day Bike Trip and... MOMAR THIS Weekend!

Kim and I just got back from an amazing trip to Italy which included the island of Ischia, a visit to Pompei, and then to Roma. There are many, many great pics and they can all be found here.

Now, we are off for a four day bike trip starting tomorrow. I just realized a coupld of days ago that the first MOMAR of the year is already here! I just had a quick glance over the registered racers and here's my take:

Best Team Name: Forever Chasing Gary and Todd
Love this one from Martin Middleton and Tom Roozendaal but you'll only be chasing Gary during this one!

Don't see Team HH/Vancouver Island signed up there. They would have been my pick for team of 4 coed. Maybe they are late comers?!

I assume 'Renegades of Gunk' was a last minute name? :)

Sarah Seeds will once again rock the female podium.

I think the overall win for this one will be fought by the solo males with favourites going to John Markez, Bart Jarmula, Shane Ruljanchich and superman Gary Robbins. Depending on the complexity of the navigation, and where it is placed throughout the race, the better navigators such as Markez and Jarmula might shine through. If I had to put my money on it though, I think I'd go for Robbins and he'll be fast on his feet and knows how to completely suffer to the line (since he hasn't been on the bike much). Just don't forget about the map!

Looking forward to seeing the results!



Gary Robbins said...

TODD!!! I'll pay for your flight back if you can get here by Saturday!! I think I'm screwed...we'll see if I learned anything from you in the last two years??

Gary Robbins said...

Great pics too! I could always see you as a Gladiator Todd!
Pompai looked awesome, always wanted to check that out as well.