Monday, September 22, 2008

Too Busy Training To Blog...My Pre-MOMAR Thoughts

I just realized that I've been completely off the blog train for over three weeks.  Lots has happened in this short time as I went from complete downtime in the field, some backpacking and then back into a regular scheduled life that has allowed me to build back up to an already strong level.  Unfortunately, I couldn't make it to the Sage 24 Hour Rogaine as everyone I knew that could race with me bailed out.  It was probably best for me to not go anyway as I needed some time to regenerate.  

I realize now that BC Bike Race really gave me a kick in the ass and allowed me to start riding at a higher level.  In just over four weeks, I've already come back to my race level and am just feeling amazing on my Niner.  It has also helped that I've hooked up with a weekly group ride made up of extremely talented riders that help to push my limits.  So, I'm feeling good, my running is coming along well and my paddling...  a little less so but like so many other racers, I'll be able to get through it.   This brings me to...

MOMAR Cumberland 2008!

Wow, this race is looking stacked in all categories.   Here's some of my thoughts for top racers:

Look out for vets Norm Thibault and Jason Sandquist both racing solo and looking for the overall win.   If they can nav through the O section, they should be right up there.

Team Pain is Temporary (Garth Campbell and Shane Ruljancich) will be pushing up to the front with their strong running and their strategy to use their running shoes on the bike to save time.   Shane is a very talented runner who is getting faster every year and is now officially a blogger.

John Markez will be a force to be reconed with... unless he gives up at a control of course ;)

The co-ed team of two is going to be an absolute battle with Jen Segger and Norm Hann trying to keep their previous title from MOMAR newcomers Nicki Rehn and Patrick Goeres.  Nicki is a professional triatlete out of Calgary and Partrick is the fastest sprint orienteer in Canada... no joke.   I'm just hoping these two can't ride the technical trails too fast as otherwise these two could steal the show.

What is up with the team of four coed category?  It used to be that you could just sign up as a team of four co-ed and be guarenteed a podium spot.  This year... THERE'S 14 TEAMS!!!  Wow.
Even with a newborn on their hands, I think Justin Mark and Carey Sather of Team Helly Hansen/Vancouver Island will help to rip things up (even if they are just going for fun!).

For team of four female, it looks like the Dirty Girlz have a podium finish as long as they cross the line as they have two teams (the Dirty Girlz and the Filthy Girlz)

Other racers pushing for the front will be the Master Doug Doyle and Roger MacLeod who put in a solid 3rd place in Shawnigan.

And of course, there is that fast Helly Hansen / MOMAR team... watch out for those guys.

This may be one of the most competitive MOMARs to date.  It is so great to see this event not only selling out, but expanded to fit the additional racers that wanted in.  It must be due to the newly designed course that Bryan put together.   I wish I knew who pushed him into that great idea...

See you at the race and looking forward to a GREAT after-party!!!

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DARTvg said...

Nice pre-Momar line up! You can add the VG's on there as we are joining forces with Seegs and Norm for a 4 person co-ed, DART-nuun fun squad...if we are allowed accross the border that is ;-)